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Thame Bowls Club weekly report 5


Thame Ladies had another fine win midweek against Tring Ladies 40 – 29 with the highest winning rink played by Jane Kimber, Jill Brooks and skip Shirley Foster. They have a 100% record for the season to date.

The men’s Oxfordshire League team lost to Banbury Central B by 52 – 80 shots earning just 1 league point and are currently in third place but with plenty of bowling still to come.

The friendly against Hagbourne was closely fought and Thame came out winners by 5 shots (84 – 79) with the highest winning rink played by Alfred Jochum, Jesse Matthews and skip Bill Giles.

The first round of the internal Midweek Cup got underway and the Tuesday evening rollups for new bowlers have now entered their third week with in excess of 20 new bowlers attending. All newcomers are welcome to try their hand at bowls every Tuesday from 6.00 pm and the only equipment needed is a pair of comfortable flat soled shoes.

Mike Ralls





Thame Bowls Club Weekly Report 4


The weather played a hand in Thame Bowls Club’s matches this week with two games cancelled because of rain, two worthy wins in rather cool conditions and two narrow defeats in bright sunshine.

The ladies beat South Oxford 67 – 57 with the highest winning rink played by Sue Ludgate, Frances Goodyear and skip Maureen Giles. The men’s League team beat Hanborough 77 – 51 (which earned them 4.5 league points) with the highest winning rink played by Paul Costin, John Walker, Ray Plested and skip George Andrews.

The weekend Triples matches saw the Club go down 69 – 71 against Adderbury (with the highest winning rink played by Roger Mackriell, Jane Kimber, Derek Goodyear and skip Graham Watson) and 72 – 85 away at Henley (with the highest winning rink played by Jan Sargeant, Marion Keal and skip Ray Plested).

The Club’s recruitment days and the first of their Tuesday evening roll ups for potential new members under the ‘Go Active Gold’ initiative have been very successful with 28 attendees so far. The Tuesday evening course will continue throughout May and June between 6.00 pm and 7.00 pm and anyone wanting to learn how to play are welcome to attend.

Mike Ralls





Thame Bowls Club Weekly Report 3

Thame Bowls Club have had a very busy week with 5 matches played in almost arctic conditions. The midweek team lost narrowly to Waddesdon 81 – 95 with the highest winning rink played by Jane Kimber, Marion Keal and Ian Rutherford.

Although the men’s League side were heavily defeated by Division 1 side, West Witney in the Oxfordshire League Cup, Thame’s ladies beat off a challenge from Princess Risborough by 46 points to 41. Their highest winning rink was played by Maureen Giles, Jill Brooks and Doreen Penn (19 – 6).

The two friendly games played over the weekend were both victories for Thame; 78 – 74 against Maidenhead Town (highest winning rink Carsten Jochum, Derek Goodyear and Ray Plested) and 81 – 74 against Watlington (highest winning rink Mike Sawyer, Jane Kimber and Bill Giles).

It has been very pleasing to note that in the last three weekend games, new bowlers have been part of the highest winning rinks and this bodes well for the future. The Club continues to seek new bowlers and are inviting anyone who may be interested, to join in every Tuesday evening during May from 6.00 pm; the only kit required is a pair of flat soled shoes.

Mike Ralls

Thame Bowls Club Weekly Report 2

Thame Bowls Club played two friendly matches in the past week, losing away against a strong Princes Risborough team 64 points to 88 but winning away against Maidenhead Thicket by 95 points to 75. That match was played in the remnants of Storm Helena on a heavy green so the win was all the more commendable with the highest winning rink played by Roger Mackriell, Maureen Giles and skip Chris Shannon.

The Club also held their second Recruitment Day last Sunday and seven potential new bowlers came along to try the game. This number combined with the sixteen new faces attending the first day has shown a healthy response to the local advertisements and introductions made by existing members and augurs well for the future of the Club.

The Club will now host rollup sessions for any new bowlers, every Tuesday evening, throughout May and June, from 6.00 pm and all are welcome to attend. The only equipment required is a pair of comfortable flat soled shoes as bowls will be provided; the bar will also be open for refreshment to replace the calories lost during the evening.

Mike Ralls,




Thame Bowls Club Weekly Report 1

Thame Bowls Club opened their season last week with a Club match between teams chosen by the Chairman, Bill Giles and the Assistant Secretary, Mike Ralls. Some 36 members played 6 rinks of Triples over 15 ends and Mike’s team just came out tops.

The friendly matches started with home games against Chessvale (a win by 100 points to 70) and Marlow (a loss by 81 points to 97) which will be followed by two away matches this week against Princes Risborough and Maidenhead Thicket. The highest winning rink against Marlow was played by Gini Williams, Barbara Waters and John Walker.

The first Recruitment Day of the season was held on Easter Saturday and some 16 new faces attended to try their hand at bowls (some for the very first time) in glorious sunshine. They were warmly welcomed by several existing members and with the bar being open during the afternoon, the occasion was deemed to be an unqualified success.

The second Recruitment Day will be held on Sunday 28 April from 2.00 am and anyone interested in taking up the sport will be welcomed. The only kit required is a pair of comfortable flat soled shoes.



Mike Ralls



This past week we narrowly lost our Tuesday game at home against Bassetsbury Manor 61 – 69 and then at the weekend lost our two away matches at Cheddington 65 – 81 in a rinks match and defeat at Hazells 58 – 101.
Mike Ralls

We had another disappointing week with defeats at home to Princes Risborough and away at Oxford City and County.  We did have winning rinks however and against Risborough, Dave Powell sharing with Simon Bell, Barbara Waters and John Walker were triumphant and against City and County, newcomer Roger Blackburn, Marion Keal and Chris Shannon were victorious.

The Club held its finals weekend over 8/9th September weekend and there were a number of very closely fought matches.  

Ian Rutherford and Chris Shannon beat Les Canfield and Leonard Grimshaw in the Victory Pairs.  

Thomas Tisbury and Doreen Penn beat Shirley Foster and John Ashfield in the Warwick Cup.

Maxine Plested beat Ann Ashfield in the Ladies 2 Wood Singles.

Robin Jenner beat Paul Costin in the Walker Cup.

In the Jubilee Handicap Cup, Bill Giles beat Chris Shannon and in the Honour Cup, Frances Goodyear beat Janet Shannon.  

In the Josey Cup for married couples, Doreen and Graham Penn beat Janet and Chris Shannon.  

Shirley Foster and Frances Goodyear beat Jill Brooks and Ann Ashfield in the Ford Cup and Paul Costin beat John Sear in the Taylor Cup.

Paul Costin also beat Chris Shannon in the Michael Jones Cup.

Maxine Plested beat Doreen Penn in the Pomeroy Cup.  

And finally Graham Watson beat Bill Giles in the Coronation Cup.

Mike Ralls

We had two disappointing defeats last week against Aston Clinton 74 – 98 and Adderbury 56 – 118 but had two winning rinks played by Marion Keal, Alfred Jochum and Dave Holland against Aston Clinton and Ian Rutherford, Chris Shannon and Les Canfield against Adderbury.

The game on Friday evening was the annual Ladies v Gents match and this year was won by the Ladies 76 – 73.  The highest winning rink for the ladies featured Marion Keal, Barbara Lewin, Sharon Heafey and Sandy Webb and the highest winning rink for the men was played by Leonard Grimshaw, Kevin Sharman, Derek Goodyear and Dave Holland.  Both Barbara and Kevin are new bowlers this year and were a credit to their teams.  The Club sponsors were invited along to see the Club in action and they enjoyed the fine hospitality and buffet tea at the end of the match.

On Sunday September 2nd, the Club and Thame Lions hosted Blind Bowlers Day and 16 totally blind or partially sighted bowlers, assisted by the Club’s markers, took part in a competition throughout the day finishing with a presentation of medals and a trophy.  A thoroughly enjoyably day for all concerned.

Mike Ralls

The Ladies enjoyed a good win against a strong Aylesbury team on 21st August by 52 shots to 46 with a highest winning rink of Jane Kimber, Margaret Boynton and Maxine Plested.

The game against Chessvale on the 23rd was also a good win by 85 shots to 67 and the highest winning rink was played by Dave Powell and Simon Bell who shared the 18 ends, Maxine Plested and skip Bill Giles.

The final game over the Bank Holiday weekend against Waddesdon saw the team go down by 52 shots to 93 with the only winning rink played by Alfred Jochum, Victoria Nemar and skip John Walker.

Mike Ralls

President's Day on Sunday was a great success.  Some 36 bowlers took part in a 2 wood triples tournament for the President's Cup and the final was closely contested between Adrian Wilcox, Alfred Jochum and Caroline Walker who were eventually beaten 7 - 4 by Sue Ludgate, Jackie Emberson and Ian Rutherford.  Their trophy will be formally presented at the end of the season Presentation Evening on 29th September. 

Thame ladies took on the men on 14 August as their scheduled match had been cancelled and walloped them by 12 shots.  The highest winning rink was played by Frances Goodyear, Jane Kimber and Jackie Emberson.

The two friendly matches against Princes Risborough and Long Crendon were both defeats 64 – 113 and 89 – 110 respectively but highest winning rinks were played by John Timms, Peter Southam and Frances Goodyear and Carsten Jochum, Ian Rutherford and Ray Plested.

Mike Ralls

The Club’s ladies are having a fine season and completed a comprehensive win over Watlington by 61 shots to 19.  The honours went to Marion Keal, Maire Duncan and Shirley Foster.

The mixed game on Saturday was a defeat by 11 shots against Tring with the highest winning rink played by Janet Shannon, John Wheeler and Ray Plested.

The match on Sunday against South Oxford saw a narrow defeat by 73 shots to 77.  The highest winning rink was played by Alfred Jochum, Jan Sargeant and Dave Holland.

Mike Ralls

The annual Potter Cup competition took place last week with some 20 players who fought keenly contested doubles matches throughout the evening.  Graham Watson and Terry Emberson were the eventual winners beating new bowler Steve Balne and skip Ken Calcutt in the final and will receive the trophy at the end of season Presentation Evening.

Earlier the Club’s mixed team easily beat Didcot 63 – 46 with the highest winning rink of Marion Keal, Jesse Matthews and Terry Emberson.

This was followed by another win for the team against Watlington 75 – 54 with the highest winning rink of Jan Sargeant, Maire Duncan and John Walker.

The mixed match against Bicester ended in a defeat by 85 shots to 94 and the highest winning rink was played by Alfred Jochum, Graham Watson and Terry Emberson.

Mike Ralls


With another very warm week of games, we did themselves proud in the Oxfordshire and District Bowls League with a fine win over Blackbird Leys finishing the season in third place.  As this followed promotion from League 4 last season, the team are to be commended and the signs are positive for next year. The highest winning rink was played by Paul Costin, Leonard Grimshaw, George Andrews and Robin Jenner.  We will feature a summary of the League season when one remaining rearranged game between Blackbird Leys and Adderbury is completed later this week.

In other matches, Thame Ladies narrowly lost to Aylesbury Town 38 – 41 with highest winning rink played by Jane Kimber, Maire Duncan and Caroline Walker.

The mixed match against Abingdon was a resounding defeat by 31 shots and the Hawker Cup matches against Witney Mills was an overall defeat by 7 shots.

Mike Ralls

There were two good wins for Thame bowlers this week in tropical conditions.  With temperatures in the high twenties, no shade on the green and many of us no longer in the first flush of youth, it takes some effort to play a match over three or so hours, so our efforts are to be commended.

The mixed match against Loudwater was won by 77 shots to 52 with the highest winning rink played by Jan Sargeant, Jesse Matthews and John Walker.

The mixed match against Wendover on Sunday was won by 98 shots to 95 with the highest winning rink played by John Hurley, Jill Brooks and Ray Plested.

The League match away on 19th July against Banbury Central B saw a defeat (58 – 63) but the two points gained kept us in third place.  The highest winning rink was played by Ian Rutherford, Chris Shannon, John Walker and John Timms.  Whilst still mathmatically possible we could still be relegated with just one more game to play, we really should retain our place in League 3 after promotion last season.

Mike Ralls


Although we had a busy schedule planned for the week, the weather and possibly the excitement of the World Cup may have contributed to three cancellations from the opposition.

Our mixed team did win at Henley on Sunday 8 July and the ladies won at Wendover on 9 July 36 – 26 with a highest winning rink of Margaret Boynton, Jill Brooks and Caroline Walker (15 – 10).

The men’s league team beat 2nd placed Headington B’s side by 10 shots (66 – 56) and the highest winning rink was played by Leonard Grimshaw, Steve Silver, George Andrews and Robin Jenner.  We remain in third place in the League, just 2.5 points below Headington B with two matches to play.

The final game of the week against Cheddington was unfortunately a defeat by 50 points to 86 but it was encouraging to see a number of new bowlers taking part and the signs are promising for the future.

Mike Ralls

Another very warm week for Thame’s bowlers provided one win, two defeats and a draw, but for Frances Goodyear it was a very successful time, being on the highest winning rink on three occasions. 
The win came in the mixed game against Long Crendon by 69 points to 53 and the highest winning rink was played by Peter Southam, Frances Goodyear and skip Graham Watson 27 – 9.
The mixed team lost their earlier match against Didcot going down 41 – 60 with the highest winning rink again played by Peter Southam, Frances Goodyear and Graham Watson.
The men’s League match against League leaders Adderbury was a resounding defeat by 45 points to 91 without any winning rink.
Thame ladies drew with Watlington last Tuesday 45 points all and their highest winning rink was played by Janet Shannon, Jill Brooks and skip Frances Goodyear.
Next week, commencing 9th July, will see no fewer than seven fixtures in a very busy schedule for the club.
Mike Ralls
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