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Our Pavilion is a prominent feature in Queens Road
Bowls won't roll in the snow; roll the snow flat and try curling...
There is nothing better than playing a game of bowls and soak up the sun at the same time !
Soon, a new pavilion will replace the old, sporting modern facilities, serving the members and others proudly ...

Bar Rota June 2019  
Mon 3rd John H
Tues 4th Alfred
Weds 5th Phil
Thurs 6th Alfred
Friday 7th Roger
Mon 10th Coach Trip
Tues 11th Steve S
Weds 12th Ian
Thurs 13th Janet
Fri 14th Terry / Phil
Mon 17th Bill
Tues 18th John W
Weds 19th David
Thurs 20th Russell
Fri 21st Sharon / Roger
Sun 23rd Purser cup all muck in.
Mon 24th Jennifer
Tues 25th John H
Weds 26th John W
Thurs 27th Janet / Virginia
Fri 28th Russell / David
Sun 30th Ladies Top Club am only


Unfortunately, the Gloucester Trip has been cancelled due to lack of players.

In it’s place we are organising a Post Code Challenge Match starting at 2.30pm.

The Thame Townie’s: Captained by Maire and Ron Duncan

will play 

The Village Peasant’s: Captained by Jane Kimber and John Walker

Who do you play for?

All members living within the OX9 post code will play for the Townie’s.

All member living in ANY other post code will play for the Peasant’s.

Dress code: Club Shirt with Grey: Match Fee £3 to include Pizza’s after the match.

Format will be decided when number of players are known.

Please sign your name on the Noticeboard in the Clubhouse if you wish to play.

MAY MIDWEEK CUP – Teams,Results and Points

Format – Triples 15 ends

Tuesday May 14thMay 21stMay 28th2.30pm Start


Team A                                  Team B

Barry Green                           Virginia Williams

Val Sawyer                             Mike Sawyer

Jill Brooks                              Barbara Waters

Leonard Grimshaw (C)            Gordon Taylor (C)


Team C                                   Team D

Mike Zak                                 Vic Webb

Roger Blackburn                      Phil Reed

Frances Goodyear                    Marion Keal

Sandy Webb (C)                      John Hurley (C)


                                           Result                              Result

May 14th Team A v Team D   12-5    Team B v Team C   5-12

May 21st  Team A v Team C   8-9     Team B v Team D   5-12

May 28th  Team A v Team B             Team C v Team D


Scoring is 1 point for each end won and 2 points for the winning team.

Scores will be totalled week by week and the team with the highest overall points total will be deemed the winners.


Points totals (as at 22nd May) :-

                                       Team A 20

                                       Team B 10

                                       Team C 21

                                       Team D 17


Whitsun Trophy Sunday 26th May

Format – Rinks 12 ends

Four teams in total, each team consisting of four players. The first round of the competition will be drawn and the two winning teams from the first matches will play one another in the final, the two losing teams will play off for third place. 


Teams are as follows :-

Team A                  Team B                     Team C                       Team D

Mike Zak               Ann Ashfield             Kevin Sharman          Janet Shannon

Jane Kimber          Marion Keal              Frances Goodyear      Maire Duncan

Jill Brooks             Ron Duncan              John Hurley               Mike Ralls

Chris Shannon (C) Ray Plested (C)         John Walker (C)         John Ashfield (C)



Graham Watson – Competitions Secretary





Please note that the first named in the Draw is the CHALLENGER


The CHALLENGER is responsible for:


  • Providing their opponent with 3 dates (preferably including a weekend)


  • Providing dates as early as possible to enable the tie to be played well before the ‘to be played by’ date on the Chart


  • Booking a Rink


  • Arranging a Marker – preferably not a family member unless agreed by your opponent


For more Competition Information see the Members Handbook




This seasons competition draws can be found here 

They will be updated with results once the play by dates are past.

The new bowlers program is now underway with a roll-up every Tuesday evening between 6 and 7 at which there will be qualified instructors. If you know anyone who might be interested please give Mike Ralls a shout.

There are a few photos from the first Tuesday in the photo gallery. You need to login to see them. If you haven't registered then please do it is free and there are more enhancements on the way.


If you're not sure how to do any of the above please email Phil or Ian at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll sort you out.



The Committee were recently approached by the SODC Go Active Gold Team to work in partnership with them on their Learn to Bowl beginners course initiative that is taking place at a few clubs across South Oxfordshire.

This free course is designed to provide beginners with a pressure free environment where anyone can Learn to Bowl.

The course will start on Tuesday 7th May from 6pm and will continue weekly through the season.

SODC have been advertising the course with posters (see below) and in the media, and you may have seen this recent article in the Thame Gazette.

This is a perfect opportunity to invite friends and family down to the club to learn the sport, so please spread the word and get them down to give it a try - our recently qualified coaches will be running the course.

There is obviously an appetite for the game locally because, at our first Club Recruitment Day on Saturday 20th April we had all 6 rinks in use when 16 new people turned up - luckily the day was supported by around 10 club members who were there to help!


Date Name

Wed 1st

Alfred / Virginia
Thurs 2nd Terry
Fri 3rd John H
Mon 6th Steve S
Tues 7th John W / Jennifer
Weds 8th Russell
Thurs 9th Janet
Fri 10th David
Mon 13th Ian
Tues 14th Bill
Weds15th Roger
Thurs 16th Sharon
Fri 17th Alfred / Phil
Mon 20th John W
Tues 21st Ian
Weds 22nd John H
Thurs 23rd Russell
Fri 24th Virginia
Sun 26th New Competition all muck in.
Mon 27th Jennifer
Tues 28th David
Weds 29th Terry
Thurs 30th Janet
Fri 31st Sharon

Red Indicates "Activity" competitions or League Matches.

We had an excellent turnout of members this Saturday 6th April to set up the Green and the surroundings ready for the New Season, which commences this coming weekend with an in-house friendly.  Although because of the clash with Spring Holidays quite a few regular helpers had informed me they would be unable to attend, around 35 members turned up to help, which enabled us to quickly achieve all the tasks we had planned. Thank you to everyone who was involved and it augurs well for another good season of friendship and participation throughout the Club.

There are a couple of photos in the gallery.

Chris Shannon

Hon Secretary and Green Keeper

Check the Photo Gallery for a few pictures of the pre season dinner.

It is with great sadness to report that Jim Tite passed away on Monday afternoon 25th March.  Jim was a great club man and enjoyed his bowls even when in poor health in recent years.  Jim’s funeral will take place at St. Mary’s Church, Thame at 11am on Friday 5th April. 

Will Hawes, who passed away recently, will be cremated at Oxford Crematorium on Monday 8th April at 2pm.  Will was very enthusiastic when playing bowls, reading the head with great knowledge and understanding, and his love of the game was there for all to see.

Marjorie Spencer, who also passed away recently, was a stalwart of Thame Bowls Club in years gone by.  Photographs of her can be seen on the clubhouse wall and by reputation she didn’t suffer fools gladly on the green.  Marjorie would have been 104 years old this April and many of you might remember we celebrated her 100th birthday at the Club.  There will be a remembrance service for her.

Bill Giles OBE
Thame Bowls Club


Wed 3rd   Ian Rutherford
Fri 5th   David Holland
Tues 9th   Janet
Weds 10th   Bill Giles
Fri 12th   Alfred Jochum
Sat 13th   Russell Canfield / Terry Emberson
Fri 19th   Steve Silver
Sat 20th   John Walker / Roger Mackriell
Weds 24th   John Hurley
Fri 26th   Ian Rutherford
Sun 28th   Sharon / Alfred



Avonmore visited yesterday and completed the latest Spring maintenance routines. The Green was Verticut twice and solid tined to aerate and promote root growth. The green was then over-seeded and spiked rolled to help promote new growth on the remaining bare patches. They will return in the next ten days to fertilize with a product that stays active for 8 to 10 weeks encouraging growth in the early part of the season.


We will continue brushing every day there is heavy dew, because the current weather conditions make us still very susceptible to a further attack of fusarium which would create fresh bare patches and the necessity for the application of more chemicals to control the disease spread.


From Monday 1st April we will commence cutting three times a week at 6ml, which although may not remove lots of grass at the moment, but will encourage the plant to put up more shoots from the roots as a natural defence to constantly getting the top of it’s new shoots cut off. This will thicken the cover of grass overall. What we need is a sustained period of warmer weather to increase the ground temperatures, but that is in the lap of the Gods – so we will do our best in the meanwhile.


Don't forget Saturday the 6th April to set up the Green and surrounding areas for opening on Wednesday the 10th April.


Chris Shannon 

Greenkeeper & Hon. Secretary.


The Pre-Season Forum was held at the clubhouse on 14th March starting at 7pm and was very well attended by so many.  

The following people gave brief presentations on the following subjects:

Bill Giles -Welcome and introductions

Graham Watson - Overview of the evening and sponsorship

Chris Shannon - The Green, Membership List, League Applications 

Mike Ralls - New member recruitment and development and Tuesday roll-ups

Ian Rutherford and Phil Reed - Website

Ian Rutherford - Re-build update

Graham Watson - Fixture booklet

Graham Watson - Competitions

John Walker - Weekend games

Jill Brooks - Ladies fixtures

Terry Emberson - Midweek fixtures

Ron Duncan - League games

Maire Duncan - Gloucester Trip 10th June

John Walker - Bar and staffing

Bill Giles - Friday League

Graham Watson - Pre-season event

Bill Giles - Volunteering and close

During the evening our Treasurer Ian Rutherford collected around 60 Membership Renewal Forms and money.  This clearly reflects how full the clubhouse was for the event, especially when taking into account some people attending had already renewed their membership in advance. 



Please see the flyer below which is part of the 2019 recruitment drive. If you need any copies please contact a member of the development group.





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