Our new clubhouse completed Autumn 2020
Our former Clubhouse was a prominent feature in Queens Road
Remember those sunny days....
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Round 1 points and a brief write up from Mike Ralls.


The first evening went well, I think (although the results may not have been to everyone's liking) and I haven't had any complaints so far!. My thanks go to Susan who came in at the last minute for Jo, who will be playing next week.


The points so far are as follows : -


Team A Susan/Jo & Ben 7 points

Team C Maggie & Brian 7 points

Team B Ken & Frank 0 points

Team D Chris & Pat 0 points


It is early days and with 7 points to play for each evening any one can still win. The trophy will be presented at the end of the third evening with photos taken for the Website.


So we will see you all next Tuesday, ready for another 5.45 pm start.


Regards, Mike.

The Friday league points scoring is as follows :-


Win = 3




Bonus point for any team scoring 15 shots or more in any 1 round irrespective of whether they win,lose or draw.


League table position is decided by total number of points including any bonus points.


If 2 or more teams have the same number of points then the team with the greatest difference of For and Against shots is higher up the table.

If teams have the same number of points and the same difference then it is the team with the highest number of shots for.

If they are all equal then it is the team with the most Bonus Points.

Match results and table can be found here


Write up of the competition is in the weekly match report here

Honours List updated and can be viewed here




The draw for the Walker Cup took place on Friday and can be found here.


Match results and table can be found here



Match results and table can be found here

Match results and table can be found here.

I have just sent the first newsletter of the season.

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If it's not in there and you think you should have received it please use the contact us tab at the top to send us an email.


If you want to receive it you will need to register on the website and then complete the details on the subscribe to our newsletter on the home page.

We will be restarting the newsletters from Monday 7th June.

These will include a list of updates to the website, news items etc. and are a single email usually once a week.

You can sign up for them on the home page but you will need to register with the website first.

It only takes a minute so why not ? :-)

The Rink Diary has been updated with some new features. The main one is the ability to edit entries. Previously they had to be deleted and then re-entered.

There is a corresponding updated manual under the clickable links that are on every page.

The fixture list for 2021 is here and important dates for 2021 are here.



All league games have now been played and the results table is below.

The final will be on Sunday 4th October at 11:00am between Paul Costin & Gini Williams, the red league winners and Adrian Kemish & Terri Blackburn the blue league winners on shot difference.


Please remember that rink booking times change this week starting 21st September to ensure players in the late slot can finish their game before dark.

Sessions now start at 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 5pm.

You can now book a rink on any of the 7 days a week through until 11th October.

On Friday 18th September we had record usage of the green since we reopened, with 10 of the available 12 booking slots taken.  

27 different club members were booked in to enjoy the green which was dry and running beautifully. 

There is plenty of capacity for everyone, so we encourage you to join in while you can.




The green will be closed from Monday 12 October so Sunday 11th is your last chance to play in what has been a weird season.

The September Mixed Pairs Competition is underway. We will publish results and league positions as regularly as possible.

Please don't forget that, what have now become monthly updates, on the clubhouse rebuild and what we are doing despite the Corona Virus pandemic are in the members area under Covid-19.

Users of Thame Bowls Club and Thame Sports Club Limited facilities must please read this Guidance and ensure they follow it carefully for their own safety and for the safety of others.


Firstly, to state the obvious, please do not go to the Club if you are experiencing any coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms or any cold or flu-like symptoms, particularly a cough or high temperature.


Rinks must be booked using the Rink Booking system accessible via the link on our website.  

Please understand that a remote booking system is a requirement imposed upon us.  

We need to be able to provide NHS Track and Trace information in the event of one of us subsequently catching the virus. 

It is a simple process.  First register on the system, then you will be able to book a rink for 27th July up until the end of August, by which time we may be able to relax rink availability further.  

Booking System Guidelines are also here on our website - see article that follows below.

Any problems with booking (or if you are unable to use the internet) please first contact Phil Reed (01494 485081) or if he is unavailable Ian Rutherford (07860 318827) and they will help you.


Sessions on the green are bookable at these times: 

11.30am-1.00pm / 1.30pm-3.00pm / 3.30pm – 5.00pm / 6.00pm – 7.30pm

Only alternate rinks can be used at any time, so only 3 rinks per session are bookable.


Singles or pairs only, so a maximum of 4 on each rink – the Government are allowing triples play and we will move to this at some point soon if all goes well. 


The clubhouse and clubhouse surrounds are presently out of bounds for health and safety reasons.  Play will only be across the green – please do not step on the paving slabs at the clubhouse end or surfaces around the clubhouse, it is not safe.


Bowls equipment provided by the Club will only be jacks and mats.  

There will be a pile of clean mats and a supply of clean jacks.  Please take 2 mats and 2 jacks.  

Wipes will be provided to use on jacks before and after play.

During play, mats are best handled by the same player only at each end and same applies to the placing of the jack, thus avoiding more than one player handling these items.

Should measuring be absolutely necessary, players (or a marker if used) must use their own measure.

Try to avoid using shared equipment whenever possible.  

As we do not presently have running water you should also sanitise your hands thoroughly before and after play.  Sanitiser will be available for your use.  

When your game is finished please place used mats and jacks on the used pile for disinfecting by the Club before future use.

Note this shared equipment is used at member’s own risk.


A member is responsible for their own bowls equipment.  We strongly suggest you do not touch your opponents’ bowls with your hands and avoid measuring for shots wherever possible.


Social distancing during play is for members to manage sensibly, i.e. maintaining a distance of 2m between people from different households, or 1m plus mitigations (such as face coverings or avoiding face-to-face contact) where 2m is not possible.  

For example, we suggest one player on mat and others on the bank or standing well to one side.  Care also when deciding the score at each end.  


No scoreboards will be available – if keeping score please use card or paper from home.  


Spectators in small numbers are welcome but they should also please practice social distancing.  We have brought back benches from storage.


A Portaloo will be on site for player and spectator use.


Members are responsible for their own health and safety (including use of hand gel, face masks and any other protective equipment they feel they wish to use).  


Members will need to bring their own refreshments and dispose of their own rubbish after play.


At end of play please leave the grounds to enable players for the next session to arrive safely.


Thank you for reading – enjoy your game

Thame Bowls Club 

22nd July 2020





Hi and we hope you are all well.


We have a new menu item in the members area where all Covid-19 related news and updates will be posted.

This is so that they are easier to find as activity increases which we all hope will be soon.

As they are behind a password you will need to be registered so if you haven't already done so please do so now. After all there's not much else going on at the moment. :-)


Any questions please use the contact us tab above, send us an email and we'll get back to you.

At this time of the year we would normally be letting club members know what state the green was in just prior to the start of the season.  However, in these times of COVID-19, lockdown, self-isolation and social-distancing, Chris Shannon has been at the club on a regular basis on his own with his hands on the mower keeping the green in good shape, ready to be used as and when we have the chance to get on it.  If Chris wasn't doing this work the green would obviously quickly deteriorate.  Barry Green has also been there with paint brush in hand refreshing the rink markings on the slabs surrounding the green.  Many thanks from the club to both of them.  


Due to the uncertainty caused by the Corona Virus the opening of the green is delayed until further notice.

Due to the corona virus epidemic all coaching is postponed until further notice. 

Some dates for your diary and it would be great if I can start getting an early idea of your commitment especially to come to the Fund Raiser Quiz Night and the Pre-Season Social, details of which are below:
Pre-Season Forum - 11th March - 7pm start
At the Chinnor Rugby Club, Thame OX9 3PB
The proposed Agenda will be sent in the post to all members late Feb along with a Renewal Membership Form and Competition Entry Forms.
A lot of ground will be covered on the evening but as at last year’s event, all agenda items will be kept short and snappy so we will have plenty time to catch up with each other after the long winter break.
Please come along and learn what is planned for the season to come.
Clubhouse Fundraiser - Quiz Night - 20th March - 7pm 
On behalf of the Sports Club, the Tennis Club have organised a Quiz Night at the Thame Barns Centre in Church Road OX9 3AJ to raise much needed and important funds for the rebuild.  
There is a cash bar open from 7pm and a meal at 7:30pm.
To feed your brain you can look forward to a Lasagne with salad, followed by tray bake and toppings for dessert.
I hope we will be able to significantly support this event from within our membership (because we need all the money we can get for the rebuild)!!
You can book your place through me by email or post.
Pre-Season Social - 18th April - 7pm.
Our pre-season social will take place on Saturday 18th April between 7.00pm – 10.00pm
This will again be at the Thame Barns Centre, Church Road, Thame OX9 3AJ.
Tickets at £15 each are open to members and their guests.
There will be a two course buffet meal provided by caterers, including vegetarian options, plus a cash bar and live Jazz Trio.
Places can be reserved by contacting me, Ian Rutherford by email or post.
Ian Rutherford

Competition Rules – Clarifications and Alterations

1. Responsibilities of players

The underlying principles for arranging matches are that:-

  • All players involved should aim to have their game scheduled for well within the final date for the round to account for bad weather, illness or other unforeseen reasons for delay.

  • Prompt organisation and communication should be evident and by use of telephone messages, texts or emails, it should be quite possible to ensure allowances are made for holidays and other priorities.

So to avoid the common last minute rush to organise games before the due date, the following guide notes have been put together by the Competitions Committee.


The Challenger (the first named on the Competition Draw Sheet) is responsible for:

(a) Within 7 days of the start of the round of matches, the challenger must provide their opponent with four dates (including one daytime, one evening and one weekend) when the match could be played.  If the first offer of dates is not forthcoming within 7 days and a mutually agreeable date cannot be negotiated within the time available, the Challenger is in danger of forfeiting the game. 

(b) booking a rink

(c) arranging a marker


The Challenged bowler (the second named on the Competition Draw Sheet) is responsible for:

(a) If none of the offered dates are suitable, the challenged bowler must initiate a negotiation within 7 days to the dates that the challenger has offered to find a mutually acceptable date and time.

(b) The aim is to ensure all games are played as drawn, but if the challenged bowler does not respond to the offer of dates within 7 days and a mutually agreeable date cannot be negotiated within the time available, they are in danger of forfeiting the game.


2. Final Decisions in Competition Issues

In the case of any misunderstanding or disputed matter, the decision of the Competitions Secretary(s) shall be final


3. Pairs Matches

All pairs matches have beeen reduced to 18 ends


4. Trial ends

Trial ends should consist of no more than two ends of two bowls


5. Use of Rinks

Rinks one to six inclusive must be used in the draw for play


6. Dress Code

The club dress code for players and Markers must be adhered to for all competition matches


7. Markers

The role of the marker is to facilitate the flow of play but not to interfere


8. Substitutes

For matches other than singles, substitutes (of a similar ability as decided by the Competition Committee) may be used in mitigating circumstances at the exclusive discretion of the Competitions Secretary(s)


9. The Ladies Competitions

The Ladies Competitions that were dropped in season 2018 are to be reinstated but will be the responsibility of designated persons other than the Ladies Captain


10. The Victory Pairs

The Victory Pairs should revert to being a drawn handicap competition with designated leads and skips, to be determined by the Competitions Secretary(s) and a designated member of the selection committee.


11. The Walker Cup

The Walker Cup will be drawn at the same time as the other competitions but with a timetable for playing rounds that commences at the beginning of August and concludes at least one week before Finals Weekend. (This will mean that matches do need to be arranged as quickly as possible)


12. A New Two Wood Men’s Competition

A new two wood (21 ends) competition for men be initiated for season 2021 – to be designated “The Lightfoots Cup”



February 2020

Thame Bowls Club - Competition Dates 2020


Draw 28/4


Preliminary Round to be played by 28th May


Round 1 to be played by 25th June


QF to be played by 23rd July


SF to be played by 20th August



Walker Cup – Rounds To Be Played During August


Preliminary Round to be played by 7th August


Round 1 to be played by 14th August


QF to be played by 21st August


SF to be played by 29th August



Finals Dates - Friday Sept 4th– Saturday Sept 5th(with Sunday Sept 6thallocated to be used if necessary at the discretion of the Competition Committee)


Peter Desbrey

As you probably already know Peter Desbry passed away recently and his funeral will take place at Bierton Crematorium just outside of Aylesbury at 2 PM on 23rd December. 

The full address of the crematorium is Cane End Lane, Bierton, Aylesbury HP22 5BH.

Peter was a very hard working member of Thame Bowls Club running the bar for many years and was also a very keen bowler.  He will be sadly missed.


Ingrid Dale

It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that Ingrid passed away on Tuesday evening and all our thoughts go out to her husband Mel and her family.

Ingrid was a very active member of Thame Bowls Club being the Ladies’ Captain on the year that I joined.  

Ingrid's funeral will be at Oxford Crematorium in Headington on 10th January at 3pm.


Bill Giles

Chairman Thame Bowls Club

You can follow the rebuild project by clicking the Tab at the top of this page and then clicking on the link that says: 

Photos HERE of the Clubhouse Rebuild project

If you then click on each photograph you will see a brief caption that gives you a little information about the progress being made.

Some very familiar faces were busy again this sunny 29th November morning.

Thanks Ray, Jess and Chris for all your year-round hard work.

Hi Everybody,

Just a note to say that we have already started Friday Table Tennis sessions from 2pm to 4pm at Thame Scout HQ in Southern Road.

We play some Table Tennis within a range of mixed and dubious standard in a relaxed atmosphere!  Not only do we have a quality table, but plenty of bats and balls as well - so come along and get some closed season exercise with a bit of fun included.

It's also a chance to have a natter with your fellow Club members, have a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit! 

Do come along, everyone is welcome

Chris Shannon


Despite the fact that we will not have a clubhouse this Xmas this event is still going ahead. It will be at Towersey Memorial Hall on Saturday 14th December at 7pm. There is no bar, so please bring your favourite beer or two, bottle of wine or bottle of coke with glasses and nibbles.

We would also like donations of prizes please of biscuits, wine or whatever you can spare either before the event (to the Duncans), at the AGM or on the night.
The cost to you will be only £5 for a book of bingo numbers.
We also plan to do the 200 Club Christmas draw that evening when the December prizes will be £500 and £100.
Please let Ron or Maire Duncan or any member of the committee know if you will be attending.

The Competition Honours tab has been updated with this seasons winners. Please have a look and if there are any errors please contact us.



Summary of Week End Games 2019
Played 30 [ 2 cancelled by our opposition] 9 won 21 lost
64 club members played in Week End Games
Most Played: Alfred Jochum 23
                 Jane Kimber 23
                Marion Keal 21
Top Rink: Jane Kimber 8
                   Graham Watson 6
                   Jesse Matthews 6
                                             Best % Leonard Grimshaw 75% but only 4 games!!!
                       Jesse Matthews 46%
                        Graham Watson 37%
                    Jane Kimber 34%
Bowlers with top rink success in their first game for the week end side
Gini Williams
Roger Mackreill
Steve Balne
Terri Blackburn
Paul Youens
Best Home Made Cakes
Maire Duncan and Gini Williams
Best Savouries
Carsten Jochum [ although it is rumoured his mother made them?]
Derek Goodyear [ Frances influence?]
Best Sandwiches
Jane Kimber [ including edible flowers?]
Kevin Sharman with wraps, a nice change
ME with a little help from Waitrose or M & S
Many thanks to all the 64 players who have supported me in my first season as Captain, it's been a pleasure to play with you and enjoy your company.
It's not the winning that counts, it's the taking part. Bulls**t, next year we will win more than we lose.
John Walker

Competition Finals 2019 - The Results


Thursday 22nd August

 Josey Cup                Janet & Chris Shannon 


Friday 23rd August

 Ford Cup                  Jane Kimber & Maire Duncan

 Victory Pairs             Tony Adamson (substitute) & Paul Costin

 Warwick Cup             Jill Brooks & Bill Giles


Saturday 24th August                                                          

 Honour Cup              Jane Kimber

 Two Wood Cup          Jill Brooks

 Michael Jones Cup     Chris Shannon

 Taylor Cup                Geoff Roynon 

 Walker Cup               Chris Shannon

 Pomeroy Cup            Jill Brooks

 Coronation Cup         Ken Calcutt           


Sunday 25th August

 Jubilee Handicap      Paul Costin

Dear All
Please note that the green is now closed.
There are no rink markers and we are treating the green, the surrounding ditch and borders.
It is most important that no one attempts to use the green for practice or walks on the grass because there is a danger it could then be damaged for next year.
Many thanks

In true Thame Bowls Club fashion the final Friday Evening Leagues matches were played on Wednesday 21st August. The results and final table are in the Friday Evening League section which can be found here

The winners trophy will be presented, rather appropriately, on Friday the 20th at the Presentation Evening. 

Competition Finals 2019


Thursday 22nd August

5.00pm Josey Cup                Janet & Chris Shannon v Val & Michael Sawyer


Friday 23rd August

5.00pm Ford Cup                  Jane Kimber & Maire Duncan v Janet Shannon & Caroline Walker

5.00pm Victory Pairs             Mike Zakaszewski & Paul Costin v Vic Webb & Ken Calcutt

5.00pm Warwick Cup             Doreen Penn & Thomas Tisbury v Jill Brooks & Bill Giles


Saturday 24th August                                                          Markers

10.30am Honour Cup            Janet Shannon v Jane Kimber            Bill Giles

10.30am Two Wood Cup        Marion Keal v Jill Brooks                    Sharon Heafey

10.30am Michael Jones Cup   Ken Calcutt v Chris Shannon              John Walker

1.00pm Taylor Cup                Kevin Sharman v Geoff Roynon          Alfred Jochum

2.00pm Walker Cup               Chris Shannon v John Coward            Les Canfield

3.00pm Pomeroy Cup            Jill Brooks v Jane Kimber                   Maire Duncan

3.00pm Coronation Cup         Graham Watson v Ken Calcutt            Gordon Taylor


Umpires Ron Duncan and Les Canfield


Sunday 25th August

10.30am Jubilee Handicap      Paul Costin v Chris Shannon              Graham Watson


A number of pictures have been uploaded to the photo gallery. Don't forget you'll need to be registered and logged in to see them. 

Any questions send us a message via the Contact Us page.

These can be found here.

The Ladies v Men annual match is on August 16th. Please either put your names on the list on the noticeboard or email Graham Watson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let him know you want to be thrashed - if you're a bloke - or victorious if you're not.

The following message is from from Jeanette Berry - Secretary of BOL -  to all involved in hosting the Quarter and Semi Finals of the Oxfordshire Ladies Pairs last weekend, when we witnessed some fine bowls being played. 


Please pass on my thanks to the committee (on behalf of BOL) at Thame Bowls Club for the excellent organisation, catering and hospitality that all bowlers and officials experienced on Saturday, both prior to and during the quarter & semi finals of the Ladies Pairs competition.  Thank you for all the hard work that was put into making the day an enjoyable and successful occasion”.


The two winning pairs on the day (from Banbury Central and Oxford City & County) have qualified for the national ladies pairs held at Leamington Spa in August.



The latest round of competition results is now complete and the results can be found here.

Next Tuesday 23 July, 24 new bowlers will start to play for the Paul Heafey cup with a further round on 30 July followed by the final on Tuesday 6 August.

We, at Thame Bowls Club, should all be very proud of the Development Team and others who have given their time and expertise every Tuesday to recruit and coach the new bowlers. I doubt if there is another bowls club in the county or indeed in the country who has put so much work and dedication to welcome all our new players and it is paying off by seeing so many encouraged to play in our friendly games.


The cup, in honour of Paul Heafey, will be played along similar lines to the President’s Cup on a four end basis.


The matches will start promptly at 6 pm, the bar will be open, the weather will be glorious, so please would as many members as possible come along to support our new bowlers and the coaches and helpers that have done so much to earn our respect.



Bill Giles OBE

Chairman, Thame Bowls Club


The latest round of the competitions are now complete and the draws have been updated.

Click here for the Mens Coronation Cup

here for the Men's Jubilee Handicap Cup

here for the Men's Walker Cup

here for the Men's Taylor Cup

here for the Men's Victory Pairs Cup

here for the Michael Jones Cup

and here for the Warwick Cup

Please don't forget that the quarter finals of all competitions need to have been played by the 24th July.

The updated draws will be put on the notice board in the clubhouse soon.

We have updated the Home Page so please take some time to scroll down and check out Our Values which have been added.

There are a few pictures from this years Purser Cup in the Photo Gallery.

In the final Chris Shannon, Tony Adamson and Jane Kimber beat Dave Holland, Jill Brooks and Janet Shannon.

This is now in the members only area so that we can include everyones phone number and everything is in one place. You will therefore need to login to see it.

Not registered yet? Go to the contact us button near the top of the page, send us a message and we'll get back to you. 

Results and league standings can be found here :-


The Friday League begins tonight at 6:15pm so even if you're not playing why not come down to the club for a drink and a sausage or bacon roll.

The Purser Cup Competition Sunday 23rd June 
This is an annual triples competition for Club Members only that is held on our green.
We arrive on the day and teams are drawn there and then to balance the teams as much as possible to ensure an enjoyable and friendly contest.
Please indicate you wish to play by putting your name on the Noticeboard - again if you want me to put your name up for you please let me know.
Arrival time at the Clubhouse by 1:15pm
Dress code Whites.
No organised food is being provided but feel free to bring your own snacks if you wish.
John Walker
01844 351036

Unfortunately, the Gloucester Trip has been cancelled due to lack of players.

In it’s place we are organising a Post Code Challenge Match starting at 2.30pm.

The Thame Townie’s: Captained by Maire and Ron Duncan

will play 

The Village Peasant’s: Captained by Jane Kimber and John Walker

Who do you play for?

All members living within the OX9 post code will play for the Townie’s.

All member living in ANY other post code will play for the Peasant’s.

Dress code: Club Shirt with Grey: Match Fee £3 to include Pizza’s after the match.

Format will be decided when number of players are known.

Please sign your name on the Noticeboard in the Clubhouse if you wish to play.

Final Results


Team A comprising Barry Green, Val Sawyer, Jill Brooks and Leonard Grimshaw win the May midweek Cup.



Team A                                  Team B

Barry Green                           Virginia Williams

Val Sawyer                             Mike Sawyer

Jill Brooks                              Barbara Waters

Leonard Grimshaw (C)            Gordon Taylor (C)


Team C                                   Team D

Mike Zak                                 Vic Webb

Roger Blackburn                      Phil Reed

Frances Goodyear                    Marion Keal

Sandy Webb (C)                      John Hurley (C)


                                           Result                              Result

May 14th Team A v Team D   12-5    Team B v Team C   5-12

May 21st  Team A v Team C   8-9     Team B v Team D   5-12

May 28th  Team A v Team B   9-6     Team C v Team D   5-10


Scoring is 1 point for each end won and 2 points for the winning team.

Scores will be totalled week by week and the team with the highest overall points total will be deemed the winners.


Final points totals (as at 28th May) :-

                                       Team A 31

                                       Team D 29

                                       Team C 26

                                       Team B 16


Whitsun Trophy Sunday 26th May

Format – Rinks 12 ends

Four teams in total, each team consisting of four players. The first round of the competition will be drawn and the two winning teams from the first matches will play one another in the final, the two losing teams will play off for third place. 


Teams are as follows :-

Team A                  Team B                     Team C                       Team D

Mike Zak               Ann Ashfield             Kevin Sharman          Janet Shannon

Jane Kimber          Marion Keal              Frances Goodyear      Maire Duncan

Jill Brooks             Ron Duncan              John Hurley               Mike Ralls

Chris Shannon (C) Ray Plested (C)         John Walker (C)         John Ashfield (C)



Graham Watson – Competitions Secretary





Please note that the first named in the Draw is the CHALLENGER


The CHALLENGER is responsible for:


  • Providing their opponent with 3 dates (preferably including a weekend)


  • Providing dates as early as possible to enable the tie to be played well before the ‘to be played by’ date on the Chart


  • Booking a Rink


  • Arranging a Marker – preferably not a family member unless agreed by your opponent


For more Competition Information see the Members Handbook




This seasons competition draws can be found here 

They will be updated with results once the play by dates are past.

The new bowlers program is now underway with a roll-up every Tuesday evening between 6 and 7 at which there will be qualified instructors. If you know anyone who might be interested please give Mike Ralls a shout.

There are a few photos from the first Tuesday in the photo gallery. You need to login to see them. If you haven't registered then please do it is free and there are more enhancements on the way.


If you're not sure how to do any of the above please email Phil or Ian at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll sort you out.



The Committee were recently approached by the SODC Go Active Gold Team to work in partnership with them on their Learn to Bowl beginners course initiative that is taking place at a few clubs across South Oxfordshire.

This free course is designed to provide beginners with a pressure free environment where anyone can Learn to Bowl.

The course will start on Tuesday 7th May from 6pm and will continue weekly through the season.

SODC have been advertising the course with posters (see below) and in the media, and you may have seen this recent article in the Thame Gazette.

This is a perfect opportunity to invite friends and family down to the club to learn the sport, so please spread the word and get them down to give it a try - our recently qualified coaches will be running the course.

There is obviously an appetite for the game locally because, at our first Club Recruitment Day on Saturday 20th April we had all 6 rinks in use when 16 new people turned up - luckily the day was supported by around 10 club members who were there to help!


We had an excellent turnout of members this Saturday 6th April to set up the Green and the surroundings ready for the New Season, which commences this coming weekend with an in-house friendly.  Although because of the clash with Spring Holidays quite a few regular helpers had informed me they would be unable to attend, around 35 members turned up to help, which enabled us to quickly achieve all the tasks we had planned. Thank you to everyone who was involved and it augurs well for another good season of friendship and participation throughout the Club.

There are a couple of photos in the gallery.

Chris Shannon

Hon Secretary and Green Keeper

Check the Photo Gallery for a few pictures of the pre season dinner.

It is with great sadness to report that Jim Tite passed away on Monday afternoon 25th March.  Jim was a great club man and enjoyed his bowls even when in poor health in recent years.  Jim’s funeral will take place at St. Mary’s Church, Thame at 11am on Friday 5th April. 

Will Hawes, who passed away recently, will be cremated at Oxford Crematorium on Monday 8th April at 2pm.  Will was very enthusiastic when playing bowls, reading the head with great knowledge and understanding, and his love of the game was there for all to see.

Marjorie Spencer, who also passed away recently, was a stalwart of Thame Bowls Club in years gone by.  Photographs of her can be seen on the clubhouse wall and by reputation she didn’t suffer fools gladly on the green.  Marjorie would have been 104 years old this April and many of you might remember we celebrated her 100th birthday at the Club.  There will be a remembrance service for her.

Bill Giles OBE
Thame Bowls Club


Avonmore visited yesterday and completed the latest Spring maintenance routines. The Green was Verticut twice and solid tined to aerate and promote root growth. The green was then over-seeded and spiked rolled to help promote new growth on the remaining bare patches. They will return in the next ten days to fertilize with a product that stays active for 8 to 10 weeks encouraging growth in the early part of the season.


We will continue brushing every day there is heavy dew, because the current weather conditions make us still very susceptible to a further attack of fusarium which would create fresh bare patches and the necessity for the application of more chemicals to control the disease spread.


From Monday 1st April we will commence cutting three times a week at 6ml, which although may not remove lots of grass at the moment, but will encourage the plant to put up more shoots from the roots as a natural defence to constantly getting the top of it’s new shoots cut off. This will thicken the cover of grass overall. What we need is a sustained period of warmer weather to increase the ground temperatures, but that is in the lap of the Gods – so we will do our best in the meanwhile.


Don't forget Saturday the 6th April to set up the Green and surrounding areas for opening on Wednesday the 10th April.


Chris Shannon 

Greenkeeper & Hon. Secretary.


The Pre-Season Forum was held at the clubhouse on 14th March starting at 7pm and was very well attended by so many.  

The following people gave brief presentations on the following subjects:

Bill Giles -Welcome and introductions

Graham Watson - Overview of the evening and sponsorship

Chris Shannon - The Green, Membership List, League Applications 

Mike Ralls - New member recruitment and development and Tuesday roll-ups

Ian Rutherford and Phil Reed - Website

Ian Rutherford - Re-build update

Graham Watson - Fixture booklet

Graham Watson - Competitions

John Walker - Weekend games

Jill Brooks - Ladies fixtures

Terry Emberson - Midweek fixtures

Ron Duncan - League games

Maire Duncan - Gloucester Trip 10th June

John Walker - Bar and staffing

Bill Giles - Friday League

Graham Watson - Pre-season event

Bill Giles - Volunteering and close

During the evening our Treasurer Ian Rutherford collected around 60 Membership Renewal Forms and money.  This clearly reflects how full the clubhouse was for the event, especially when taking into account some people attending had already renewed their membership in advance. 



Please see the flyer below which is part of the 2019 recruitment drive. If you need any copies please contact a member of the development group.





 A message here from Chris Shannon, our Greenkeeper & Hon. Secretary.

Avonmore visited this morning and carried out a full programme of treatment.  They cut and slit the green to aerate the roots and sprayed with tonics and herbicides then added lawn sand to kill off the moss that was starting to infiltrate the bare patches.  There is some scarring from the fusarium problems we had before the cold spell hit us, but there is already some good new growth coming through on these bare patches.

We need to keep off the green entirely until after the weekend, then re-commence brushing from Monday onwards.  It will be extremely beneficial to keep as much dew off the grass as the weather warms up again.  The more we do that the better chance we have of keeping any further disease at bay.  We will start cutting to 7mm from now on and we should see some increased growth if or as the weather warms up.

It is great to think this club has such a fantastic 'green team' whose work largely goes unseen when nobody else is about and who oversee the condition of our playing surface all year round.  All club members appreciate their hard work.  

This year's Pre Season Dinner will be held in the Clubhouse on 23rd March at 6:30pm for 7:00pm. 

Hopefully you will have had an email with menu and booking information from Ian Rutherford, but if not details of the menu choices and how to book are on Forms in the Clubhouse.  If you are unable to get into the Clubhouse then please contact Ian by email or on 07860 318827. 

The cost is just £10 per person including an entry in the evening's prize draw.  Initially we suggest places only be open to Club members plus 1 and we will open it up to friends in a few weeks time depending on demand, but special requests always entertained.
Last year's event was immensely successful so I'm sure you will want to join us this time.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to come.   

This year's Pre Season Forum will be held on 13th March at the Clubhouse at 7:00pm.

As usual on this evening you will hear from various Committee Members what is planned for 2019. 

Please come along, have a drink and learn what is on the agenda for the season to come.  

Our very first Quiz Night held on 2nd February was a highly successful event with 74 quizzers taking part.  

Our thanks to everyone who came and made it such a great night out, but especially to Graham Watson for putting the questions together and for conducting the evening so well, to John Walker for providing snacks for the tables, Jane for the hot pizzas and Alfred for making sure the bar ticked over all evening.

Some photos from the evening are now in the Gallery.  

John and Ruth Timms' Bingo Night just before Christmas was a spectactular success with around 60 people coming along to enjoy themselves.

One or two players seemed to have unbelieveable luck (or was it skill) to have multiple wins and many of us walked away with prizes as the evening went on.

We also had the Sports Club 200 Club Christmas draw with the year's major cash prizes to be won and Messrs Canfield and Reed took away the cheques - congratulations to them.

Special thanks go to John and Ruth for running the event.


In support of our friends at Lightfoots, our Clubhouse will provide facilities overnight on Friday 30th November  - 1st December from 7pm until after breakfast the next morning for a 'Sleep Out' in and around the Clubhouse.
The Sleep Out is a nationwide fundraising event with a view to helping to End Youth Homelessness, details of which are on the Lightfoots website here https://lightfoots.co.uk/mortgage-sleep-out/  
Lightfoots are aiming to raise £1,000 to contribute towards the combined aim of raising £100,000 across the country.  To find out more and contribute if you wish, please visit www.justgiving.com/lightfoots-solicitors
The plan, weather permitting, is for a number of Lightfoots' Partners and staff to build rudimentary shelters using cardboard or other materials outside the Clubhouse and, as the initiative suggests, sleep out overnight.  If the weather is poor, they will sleep inside.
Prior to the actual Sleepout on Friday evening we will be opening the bar and Lightfoots hope to be able to get hold of a short video to be shown around 8.30pm about the fundraising initiative.
Bowls Club Members will be welcome during the evening if you wish to drop by.
For one week only, our usual Friday short mat session will be held on the Thursday evening 29th.

Hi Everybody,

Just a note to say that we have resumed the Friday Table Tennis sessions from 2pm to 4pm. It's an opportunity to have a natter with your fellow Club members, have a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit - oh and we play some Table Tennis of a mixed and dubious standard - everyone is welcome! Not only do we provide the Table, but plenty of bats and balls as well - so come along and get some closed season exercise with a bit of fun included.

Chris Shannon


Thame Bowls Club.

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