Our new clubhouse completed Autumn 2020
Our former Clubhouse was a prominent feature in Queens Road
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The extra special Christmas Draw of the 200 Club took place this evening and, luckily, Bowls Club members won both prizes.

The £500 cheque for the 1st Prize will go to Chris Bennell and the £100 2nd Prize cheque will soon be on its' way to Roger Blackburn.

Congratulations to them both.

Next month we have more modest prizes on offer of £75 an £25 - watch this space in about 6 weeks' time.

We have two familiar names to report as winners this month.  

Peter Bozier the Sports Club Chairman has won the First Prize of £100 and Janet Shannon has bagged the £25 Second Prize.

The date for the December Christmas Draw will be publicised soon when prizes will be £500 and £100.  We will do the Draw before Christmas with enough time to bank the winning cheque before the Holidays!

Ladies and gentlemen, after 3½ years of our 200 Club we have a first.

The numbers 98 and 198 came out as first and second prizes, so that means Jill Jenner won the 1st prize of £75 and Robin Jenner won the 2nd prize of £25, literally cornering the market in October's draw. 

So congratulations go to Mr and Mrs Jenner on their great good fortune and we look forward to next month's draw at the end of November when the prizes will be £100 and £25.


How wondeful it was to finally hold this month's draw in the new Sports Club building.  The draw was made by the Sports Club Chairman Peter Bozier and witnessed by your 200 Club Administrator.

Jan Sargeant was lucky enough to win first prize of £200 and Nikki Jackson of the Tennis Club won the £50 second prize.

Hopefully we will have the opportunity to have more than one witnesss for the October draw when the prizes will be £75 and £25.

By way of a change this month's draw was held during a Sports Club Committee Meeting, still online though, so no social distancing required.

And this month the tennis club have a clean sweep with Dawn Munro winning the first prize of £100 and Rosie Collins second prize of £25.

Congratulations go to both ladies.  

September's first prize is £200 with a £50 second prize.

Yet again the draw was witnessed by video link - ever the optimist, the Administrator is hoping we can hold the August Draw at the clubhouse!

Anyway, very happy to report there are two Bowls Club member winners this month, Phil Reed wins £75 and Tony Freeman gets the £25 2nd prize.  

Congratulations to both winners.

Once again the draw took place at the Administrator's house and was witnessed by the Chairman and Treasurer of the Sports Club by video link.

The £200 prize was won by our very own Mike Ralls and the second prize of £50 went to the tennis club's Michael Clark.

Congratulations to both.

Next month's draw will feature prizes of £75 and £25.

Firstly very many thanks to everyone who has taken a number or indeed numbers in this year's 200 Club.

The very first draw of this new 200 Club year took place again at the Administrator's base camp and witnessed by video link by the Chairman and Treasurer of the Sports Club.

First prize of £100 was won by a new entrant of the 200 Club (what a way to start, already recovering his investment more than four times over) was Geoff Roynan.  Well done Geoff and congratulations.

Second prize of £25 was won by Alan Cornish, who by contrast is in his 4th year of 200 Club membership and who has just won some cash for the first time!

June's prizes will be £200 and £50 - good luck all and stay well.

As last month, the April Draw took place at the 200 Club Administrator's home and this time was witnessed on video by both Chairman and Treasurer of the Sports Club.

Dr Edward Bray won the £75 first prize and the second prize of £25 was won by John Timms. 

Thanks again to everyone who is a member for supporting the 200 Club this year.

We will be writing to all bowls and tennis club members later this week about how to renew your numnber(s) or join the May 2020 - April 2021 200 Club.

Given these trying times, the March Draw took place at the 200 Club Administrator's home and was witnessed on a video conference by the Chairman of the Sports Club.

The £200 prize on this occasion was won by Ray Brindley and the second prize of £50 was won by Mr Vice Chairman of the Bowls Club, John Walker.  So a Chinnor monopoly reigns this month.

Thanks everyone who is a member for supporting the 200 Club this year.

The final draw for this 200 Club year will be next month when prizes will be £75 and £25.

We will be writing to everyone soon about thoughts and plans for the May 2020 - April 2021 200 Club.

Keep well all.

This afternoon's draw took place again at the Friday table tennis session at Scouts HQ.

Jill pressed the buttons on this occasion, hoping she would win, but it is Margaret Boynton who will receive the £100 cheque and Jane Martin, of the tennis club and 200 Club member from the beginning will get a cheque for the £25 second prize.

Well done ladies.

Next month's prizes are £200 and £50.

This calendar year's first draw took place at our table tennis session at Scout HQ in Southern Road on Friday afternoon 31st Jan.

Maire pressed the buttons and first prize of £75 was won by Leonard Grimshaw.  The second prize of £25 goes to Louise James of the Tennis Club.

February prizes will be £100 and £25. 

The year's bumper 200 Club Draw took place at the Bowls Club Christmas Bingo extravaganza at Towersey on Saturday 14th.

The Towersey Memorial Hall must have somehow brought good luck to local resident and Sports Club Secretary Anne Kirkland who won the year's top prize of £500.

Second prize of £100 was won by John Hurley, recently made a Bowls Club Life Member at the AGM and who happily was present to receive his cheque. 

This month's 200 Club Draw took place at Friday 29th November's afternoon table tennis session at Scout HQ in Southern Road.

November's lucky winners were Barry Green with £100 and Janet Shannon who won £25.

This month's draw was undertaken at the Bowls Club AGM on 21st October with 60 plus people in attendance.  

Dawn Munro, a Tennis Club supporter of the 200 Club since the very start won the first prize £75 and Marion Keal won the £25 second prize. 

This month's draw was undertaken at Bowls Presentation Evening on 20th September in front of an audience of around 50 (in stark contrast to last month's draw).  

Catherine Jones, a Sports Club supporter and local Town Councillor won £200 and our own Jane Kimber won the £50 second prize. 

This month's draw was undertaken in an (almost) empty and somewhat echoey Clubhouse on Friday afternoon by Mr Alfred Jochum and witnessed by Mr Terry Emberson.

The two winners were our very own Tony Freeman with £100 and, after last month's win by Life Member Keith Wright, yet another appeared on the raffle machine in the shape of Life Member Mr John Timms, who wins £25.

Next month's prizes will be £200 and £50 when we will have to find a different place to hold the draw!

This month's two popular winners were Keith Wright with £75 and Sharon Heafey £25.  

Next month's prizes will be £100 and £25.  


This month's draw took place on 28th June after the Friday League matches when the prize winners were Nikki Jackson £200 and Isabella Frost £50.  

Both are long standing supporters of the 200 Club, having been members since before the very first draw in May 2017. 

I'm sure most of you know that in the past you have been able to see the 200 Draw results on the Sports Club website every month, but we have decided to publish them on the Bowls Club website as well for this coming year.

Can I first off thank everyone who has renewed their number or purchased one for the first time this year.

I'm delighted to say we have names against 199 of the 200 numbers, which is fantastic for month one.

If anyone would like the remaining number please let me know!

The first draw of this 200 Club year was held last night 31st May and Jenny Lowe won the £100 1st Prize and Chris Bennell the £25 2nd Prize.

The next draw will be held on 28th of this month after the Friday League games when the June Prizes will be £200 and £50.

Thanks again everyone for your interest and support.

Ian Rutherford



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