Our new clubhouse completed Autumn 2020
Our former Clubhouse was a prominent feature in Queens Road
Remember those sunny days....
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There have been updates to both the Rink Diary and the website over the winter period.


Rink Diary


This has 2 new features :-


1. The date bar at the top of the screen is now static so that when scrolling up and down

it remains in place.

2. There is now a Create Invitation facility that reserves a slot on a rink but allows up to 3 others to add their names

for a roll-up.

3. There have been some changes to game names e.g. there is now just 1 game name for roll-ups

rather boringly called Roll-up. Please see below regarding booking them.


There is a revised manual online so please check it for more details.


Now that the pandemic situation has changed somewhat the rules on rink booking have changed.

All County, club matches, day tournaments and Friday League have already been entered in the diary.

All internal competition games must be entered in the diary by competitors.

It is now optional to book roll-ups, however, it is strongly recommended that you continue to book them to ensure

you get a rink.




There have been a number of content changes in the Members Area so if you are not registered yet please do so

to access these, and at the same time sign up for the weekly newsletter which will be restarting soon.






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