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There is nothing better than playing a game of bowls and soak up the sun at the same time !
Our Clubhouse is no longer a prominent feature in Queens Road
A new Clubhouse is being built to replace the old one recently demolished.
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Firstly very many thanks to everyone who has taken a number or indeed numbers in this year's 200 Club.

The very first draw of this new 200 Club year took place again at the Administrator's base camp and witnessed by video link by the Chairman and Treasurer of the Sports Club.

First prize of £100 was won by a new entrant of the 200 Club (what a way to start, already recovering his investment more than four times over) was Geoff Roynan.  Well done Geoff and congratulations.

Second prize of £25 was won by Alan Cornish, who by contrast is in his 4th year of 200 Club membership and who has just won some cash for the first time!

June's prizes will be £200 and £50 - good luck all and stay well.

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Monday, 21st of September 2020