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Our Clubhouse is no longer a prominent feature in Queens Road
A new Clubhouse is being built to replace the old one recently demolished.
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Avonmore visited yesterday and completed the latest Spring maintenance routines. The Green was Verticut twice and solid tined to aerate and promote root growth. The green was then over-seeded and spiked rolled to help promote new growth on the remaining bare patches. They will return in the next ten days to fertilize with a product that stays active for 8 to 10 weeks encouraging growth in the early part of the season.


We will continue brushing every day there is heavy dew, because the current weather conditions make us still very susceptible to a further attack of fusarium which would create fresh bare patches and the necessity for the application of more chemicals to control the disease spread.


From Monday 1st April we will commence cutting three times a week at 6ml, which although may not remove lots of grass at the moment, but will encourage the plant to put up more shoots from the roots as a natural defence to constantly getting the top of it’s new shoots cut off. This will thicken the cover of grass overall. What we need is a sustained period of warmer weather to increase the ground temperatures, but that is in the lap of the Gods – so we will do our best in the meanwhile.


Don't forget Saturday the 6th April to set up the Green and surrounding areas for opening on Wednesday the 10th April.


Chris Shannon 

Greenkeeper & Hon. Secretary.

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Sunday, 27th of September 2020