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Our Clubhouse is no longer a prominent feature in Queens Road
A new Clubhouse is being built to replace the old one recently demolished.
Dear All
As promised we have now had some time to reflect upon the unprecedented events unfolding for us all together with the latest advice regarding the Coronavirus outbreak and made decisions on what action we need to take regarding our Bowls Club for the foreseeable months ahead. There is understandably doom and gloom across most communications and whilst we are committed to being realistic we are trying to be hopeful in looking forward where possible.
Bowls England and County Bowling:
By way of background, Bowls England has cancelled in their entirety all Competitions for 2020 and in effect suspended all organised play until the end of July. The Oxfordshire Bowls Association are following suit; County competitions have been cancelled for 2020 and we expect news in the coming days that all other Men’s and Ladies County play will be cancelled until further notice. The Men’s League Competition for 2020 has been cancelled.
It is of course difficult to maintain these competitions without having an early start in the season, so these decisions were inevitable.
Thame Bowls Club Fixtures and Club Competitions for 2020:
At this Stage we are cancelling all organised fixtures through to the beginning of June; a decision will be made over the next two months on any further action that needs to be taken. All Club competitions for 2020 have been cancelled, but if circumstances improve and we can get back on our Green by late Summer, we will organise some form of competitive play to celebrate the return.
The Green:
It is very difficult to “mothball” a bowls green without incurring longer term damage to the surface, and it is our aim to ensure it is playable for when we resume bowling. To this end, wherever possible we will be maintaining the green and a small group of members will continue to mow and service the green as long as we are confident personal safety will not be at risk. We will continue to employ Avonmore to carry out the heavy and professional treatment required to keep the green in good condition – they have already told us they are happy to continue. 
Providing we can get the Green in the right condition to bowl, we will make a decision about whether we small group roll ups can be permitted. 
Clearly we will follow Government guidelines and advice on social gatherings and interaction with others and more information will be issued once the emerging picture has been clarified.  
The Club House Rebuild:
Completion of the project is now going to stretch into May at the earliest.  The builder, Matt Hawes is already 2 men down and our architect is in isolation with his wife on medical advice because she is unwell, though hopefully not with the Virus.  
Work to remove the scaffolding has been delayed which hampers further progress on the external structures.
Discussions are ongoing about the kitchen delivery date that has already been put back by two weeks to mid-April.  No date has yet been set for a survey by the kitchen fitters; that will be triggered by the delivery date.
The bar area was surveyed on Thursday morning by Howdens who will be supplying the shelving units.
We are almost there with the colour plan encompassing the carpet choice, vinyl flooring, wall, skirting, architrave and door paints plus the colour and design of the toilet cubicles.  
There are other issues outstanding that we are still working on like bar and kitchen area shutters, shed, landscaping and many others.
So we are making excellent progress with the Sports Club’s bright and shiny new building, but current events will now undoubtedly impact upon remaining aspects of the project.
Club Finance and Subscriptions:
We have discussed the thorny issue of finance and as everyone will realise we have already incurred costs for 2020 (the fixture booklets being one example) and as explained above we have ongoing costs and an as yet unfinished building to complete.
Our current decisions are as follows:-
Ø  Fees already paid for Social Events now cancelled – unless individuals have indicated they wish to donate these funds to the Rebuilding fund, Ian is in the process of refunding this money to members.
Ø  Competition Fees already paid – as above Ian will refund these fees unless you stipulate otherwise. 
Ø  County Competition Fees already paid – we are expecting these back from County in the coming weeks and if so, we will refund these to those few of us who have entered and already paid as above.
Ø  Membership Fees – In the short-term we are not thinking of refunding Membership Fees and we will review the situation later in the year when we have greater clarity on whether we will be able to participate as a Club in any organised bowling at all this year. Initial thoughts are that we will review the finances towards the middle of the year and consider either partial refunds or the option of carrying part of this year’s subscriptions forward to pay for next year’s membership. If however members feel they wish to cancel their membership of the Bowls Club entirely at this point in time, we will refund the majority of their subscriptions in the coming weeks. 
·    TO FACILITATE ALL REFUNDS - As you would imagine, our Bowls Treasurer Ian is heavily engaged with Club finance tasks at the moment as well as being a key player in the Sports Club Rebuilding Project Committee and planning. To facilitate the return of all monies detailed above he will need details of your banking arrangements (account name, sorting code and account number please) and then the Club’s bank account signatories can set up these payments and release them to you directly using the Club’s on-line banking facilities. If you prefer payment by cheque, please bear with us because cheques will need to be written, passed on to another for second signature then posted. 
Questions and ongoing Communication:
Clearly we will continue to send out communications whenever necessary and answer any other burning questions you may have that have not been addressed by this initial communication. We will continue to use the Website and the newsletters to update members – please make use of the website where you can.
Bill, Ian, Graham, Jill or Chris are very happy to deal with your calls and answer any questions you may have – remember this note is sent on behalf of your Bowls Committee as a whole – not just Ian who despatches the Group e mails on our behalf.  Their email addresses appear above.
Finally and perhaps most importantly:
By its nature, many of our Bowls Club membership community can be regarded as in the high risk population group and it is important that we stay as safe as we can and look out for each other where possible, especially anyone we know who lives alone. Many of us will be looked after by neighbours, families and local helpers but if anyone is in need of help please contact anyone of your committee and we will do what we can to assist.
As we have shown in the past, we are a very resilient and resourceful group of individuals and hopefully we will all get together again before the end of the Season to celebrate our new surroundings and a very unworn and under-used Green. 
As always, we are very grateful for your support and understanding. Please do keep in touch. Let's work together to support one another through these unusual times.
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Saturday, 30th of May 2020