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Competition Rules – Clarifications and Alterations

1. Responsibilities of players

The underlying principles for arranging matches are that:-

  • All players involved should aim to have their game scheduled for well within the final date for the round to account for bad weather, illness or other unforeseen reasons for delay.

  • Prompt organisation and communication should be evident and by use of telephone messages, texts or emails, it should be quite possible to ensure allowances are made for holidays and other priorities.

So to avoid the common last minute rush to organise games before the due date, the following guide notes have been put together by the Competitions Committee.


The Challenger (the first named on the Competition Draw Sheet) is responsible for:

(a) Within 7 days of the start of the round of matches, the challenger must provide their opponent with four dates (including one daytime, one evening and one weekend) when the match could be played.  If the first offer of dates is not forthcoming within 7 days and a mutually agreeable date cannot be negotiated within the time available, the Challenger is in danger of forfeiting the game. 

(b) booking a rink

(c) arranging a marker


The Challenged bowler (the second named on the Competition Draw Sheet) is responsible for:

(a) If none of the offered dates are suitable, the challenged bowler must initiate a negotiation within 7 days to the dates that the challenger has offered to find a mutually acceptable date and time.

(b) The aim is to ensure all games are played as drawn, but if the challenged bowler does not respond to the offer of dates within 7 days and a mutually agreeable date cannot be negotiated within the time available, they are in danger of forfeiting the game.


2. Final Decisions in Competition Issues

In the case of any misunderstanding or disputed matter, the decision of the Competitions Secretary(s) shall be final


3. Pairs Matches

All pairs matches have beeen reduced to 18 ends


4. Trial ends

Trial ends should consist of no more than two ends of two bowls


5. Use of Rinks

Rinks one to six inclusive must be used in the draw for play


6. Dress Code

The club dress code for players and Markers must be adhered to for all competition matches


7. Markers

The role of the marker is to facilitate the flow of play but not to interfere


8. Substitutes

For matches other than singles, substitutes (of a similar ability as decided by the Competition Committee) may be used in mitigating circumstances at the exclusive discretion of the Competitions Secretary(s)


9. The Ladies Competitions

The Ladies Competitions that were dropped in season 2018 are to be reinstated but will be the responsibility of designated persons other than the Ladies Captain


10. The Victory Pairs

The Victory Pairs should revert to being a drawn handicap competition with designated leads and skips, to be determined by the Competitions Secretary(s) and a designated member of the selection committee.


11. The Walker Cup

The Walker Cup will be drawn at the same time as the other competitions but with a timetable for playing rounds that commences at the beginning of August and concludes at least one week before Finals Weekend. (This will mean that matches do need to be arranged as quickly as possible)


12. A New Two Wood Men’s Competition

A new two wood (21 ends) competition for men be initiated for season 2021 – to be designated “The Lightfoots Cup”



February 2020

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