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There is nothing better than playing a game of bowls and soak up the sun at the same time !
Our Clubhouse is no longer a prominent feature in Queens Road
A new Clubhouse is being built to replace the old one recently demolished.
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Summary of Week End Games 2019
Played 30 [ 2 cancelled by our opposition] 9 won 21 lost
64 club members played in Week End Games
Most Played: Alfred Jochum 23
                 Jane Kimber 23
                Marion Keal 21
Top Rink: Jane Kimber 8
                   Graham Watson 6
                   Jesse Matthews 6
                                             Best % Leonard Grimshaw 75% but only 4 games!!!
                       Jesse Matthews 46%
                        Graham Watson 37%
                    Jane Kimber 34%
Bowlers with top rink success in their first game for the week end side
Gini Williams
Roger Mackreill
Steve Balne
Terri Blackburn
Paul Youens
Best Home Made Cakes
Maire Duncan and Gini Williams
Best Savouries
Carsten Jochum [ although it is rumoured his mother made them?]
Derek Goodyear [ Frances influence?]
Best Sandwiches
Jane Kimber [ including edible flowers?]
Kevin Sharman with wraps, a nice change
ME with a little help from Waitrose or M & S
Many thanks to all the 64 players who have supported me in my first season as Captain, it's been a pleasure to play with you and enjoy your company.
It's not the winning that counts, it's the taking part. Bulls**t, next year we will win more than we lose.
John Walker
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Sunday, 27th of September 2020