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Our Clubhouse is no longer a prominent feature in Queens Road
A new Clubhouse is being built to replace the old one recently demolished.
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Coaching during the 2020 season


Please note that due to the corona virus epidemic all coaching is


postponed until further notice.






It may seem an obvious statement but coaching is a key part of player development. To that end we now have 5 level 2 coaches :-




The plan for the 2020 season is for sessions on Monday morning, Tuesday morning, Tuesday evening and in addition on Tuesday evening there will be roll-ups. These will run from May to August and will cover the following topics :-



1 The Role of a Marker

An explanation of the attributes, requirements and duties involved in being able to facilitate this important role in an efficient, unbiased yet non-interfering manner.


2 Reading a Head

An insight to understanding how a head is developing and what is required to influence the desired outcome.


3 The Role of a Skipper

Looking at what makes a good Skipper and some of the attributes required for this leadership role. We will also cover the roles of the other members of the (Triple or Rink) team.


4 Self Analysis

A look into what one might wish to achieve in playing the game and how to develop the self-analytical skills that will help players to reach their required goal.


5 Shot Selection

What shots ought/ought not to be played, why should they be played, when should they be played and what are the likely outcomes.


6 Game Management

How can you give yourself/team the greatest chance to win a match? What ought to be your considerations and tactics and how might these need to be altered or adjusted during the course of the game.


7 Communication on the Green

Never assume! When and in what situations is a well-directed question or enquiry helpful/essential during the varying types of situations that may develop during the course of a match?


8 Competition Play

What is required in giving oneself the best opportunity to win a competition match. How should it be approached, what might your tactics be and what other important factors should be considered.


9 Being a good Club Member

What part we can all play both individually and corporately in ensuring the development and future success of Thame Bowls Club?


10 Internal Administration & Procedures

An introduction and understanding of all of the internal administration involved and how to both access and understand the various protocols.



The topics, number of places and the coaches for each session are :-




We are trialling an online booking procedure, to remove the need to go to the clubhouse to book for these sessions, so early booking is recommended. The available slots on each session will be on the web under the Coaching tab in the Coaching Diary here. To book a session please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will book you in and send you an email to confirm your session(s). If a requested date/time is not available we let you know via email so that you can request an alternative. 

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